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31 July
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Ooh boy my previous bio was just BAD !!! LOL.
Anyway not much to say about myself... I have probably what some people would call a boring and waste of your time life... but I enjoy the way I live... I have been lucky enough to have seen places these people could only dream of... I agree I don't lead the most conventional life... I am not married and I don't have kids... I don't even settle down unlike many of my childhood friends... the only thing that makes me really happy is just traveling and moving all the time (and have a computer with me so I can keep up... and I am afterall a little bit geeky on the side as well).
Honestly right now I don't even see myself stopping all this...
Anyway I have a few project in my head... so we will see what the future brings but I am eagerly waiting for it :D !!!