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Writer's Block: Do Not Forget

My Ipod, Oyster card and keys/Miga key chain ! 
Yup I can go far with that :D !!!

... other than that I wish I could write... I can't write anything anymore *sobs in a corner*
I blame my colleagues at work they just kill my imagination.... (and so does having to learn by heart an extensive Beer [including ABVs] list, an even bigger and more extensive Wine list and a full Menu...)
What do you never leave home without?

Writer's Block: Hey Hot Stuff!

.... Keep Calm and Carry On !

Sometimes you run into people that turn your day into crap... Collapse )

You look great today! Give yourself a compliment.

Writer's Block: Ready for Your Close-up

LOL... you seriously want to know this LOL ! Silly question...

Because right now I can't think of anybody else but the one and only lovely lady who played in a fantastic play in the West End last summer and I was lucky enough to meet :D !!! But I want her to be like last year... because I am not really a fan of her 2012 look :/, I still believe she has gone just a little bit too far on the thinning side *yes, there I said it... don't hate me please, I still love her very much, even though she makes me watch an horrendous show right now*... She was just perfect in MAAN !!!
Now for the plot... hum basically just put her in an airplane and make her go around the world (and back and forth in between), do some crazy things like bungy jumping, bridge climbing or scuba diving (and all the water activities you can think of basically), make her go see a Canucks game as well *I would die if I ever saw her wearing a Canucks jersey... OMG O_O, hello Heaven here I am* or an All Blacks game... And make her go all "Lauren Cooper" on the French peeps... Yeah that would be about it I think !!! This would actually be something that would make even Donna Noble a bit happy I believe *winks* !

Yes I do wonder who that woman could be... 
You have been given an opportunity to have a movie made about your life. What actor/actress would play you? And what would the plot of the movie be?

Writer's Block: Star Trek

Gallifrey !!!

Having a nice day with Ten and Donna :D !!!

... what a silly question !

... now back to business

*marches away singing 
となりのトトロ トトロ トトロ トトロ
森の中に むかしから住んでる
となりのトトロ トトロ トトロ トトロ
子供のときにだけ あなたに訪れる

If you could visit anywhere in the solar system, where would it be?

Title: Valentine’s day... or something else entirely.
Author: motoko1969
Rating: PG
Genre: Crack fic/Romance (well sorta)
Pairing: Ten/Donna and OCs
Disclaimer: Hum well the Doctor and Donna belong to RTD and Co as well as the BBC. Valentin "belongs" to himself (and a man named John)
A/N: This is me going bonkers !!! Hum I promise to go back to all my other unfinished (normal?) projects but I had to get this out, now that my muse has come back from its extended vacation... and apparently this is my contribution to Valentine's Day as well *meh* I realize this is a bit weird and probably OOC...
A/N2: Happy Birthday Valentin :D ! He turned 17 today ! Yes his name comes from the fact that he was born today (his sisters have "odder" names, he is the only one with a "regular" name).

Strange mishmash of RL and DW... turned fanfic !Collapse )

Fic: A walk in the Park

Title: A walk in the Park!
Author: motoko1969
Pairing: Ten/Donna if you squeeze a lot... and post JE
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Nope, not mine ! Playing in the sandbox for entertainment purposes only. But the OCs are mine :p !
A/N: I have had this one for a while, nothing special here. Just written in my usual hanging around place aka Starbucks. It is better than what I tend to come up with these days anyway !

A walk into my weird imagination !Collapse )

Drabble: Farewell

Title: Farewell
Genre: Angst, Character death
Rating: PG
Word count: 170
A/N: I wrote this yesterday after a phone call to Scottish Power (my building's energy provider) when I thought I was back in middle school when I was struggling to understand every second word in my first year of learning English... can I point out the company is based in Glasgow, the guy could have been speaking bloody Mandarin to me it would have been the same... and God knows I have come a long way with the Scottish Accent (thanks to my University English History teacher and a certain bloke who I was crazy enough to cross half the world to go see in a play last summer), but apparently I am still baffled by people from Glasgow. And the author note is now longer than the ficlet... sorry I just had to explain. And know that I saved you for more angsty stories because I decided to go clean my bathroom after this one instead of writing some more crazy things !!!

Here goes nothing...Collapse )

Fic: Expected Visit

Title: Expected Visit
Author: motoko1969
Disclamer: BBC owns them all and they all came from the mind of RTD, I am just a nobody playing in the sandbox.
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Angst, Drama
Word count: 637
A/N1: This is a companion piece to the fic Unexpected Ending --->this way http://motoko1969.livejournal.com/30136.html. So you better read this one first, or you might me wondering what I am rambling about. And I know I said I would not write something like that again but the plot bunny just begged to be written... I couldn't help myself than just type it.
A/N2: Alright I am back to happy silly fics after that... hopefully. Oh and as strange as this may seem, I wrote this in a very happy mood...
This way to the rabbit holeCollapse )

Ficlet: Cooking Time

Title: Cooking Time
Author: motoko1969
Pairing: Ten/Donna
Rating: G (or at least I think it is)
A/N 1: Well this is an old one I wrote on the other side of the world... I have dusted it out a bit... I still find it weird but well this is it. I also grew insanely annoyed with flat searching in London so I needed a break ! I wish it was as easy as searching in Auckland... seriously I am pulling my hair out ! So this is me taking a Ten/Donna break and breathing deep down...
A/N2: THE STARBUCKS XMAS cups are OUT !!!! *sorry fangirl moment*
Very short work...Collapse )


 Title The Brilliant Terror Of The Snow and The Tiger Princess
Pairing: Doctor/Donna 
Disclamer: Don't own anything on this one aside from a few words here and there :p !
A/N: Well I am not afraid to post these two (I know the snow season in over for most of you... and here well it doesn't get snowy) back to why I am not afraid to post it... simply because I didn't really write it... It was computer generated... just had fun with my favorite couple... and these two stories just made my evening :p !!!

It snowed a foot overnight. When they woke up, Donna and The Doctor went out to play. First, they made snow angels. Then they had a snowball fight and Donna hit The Doctor in his heart with a big iridescent iceball. It hurt a lot, but Donna kissed it swiftly and then it was all better.

Then they decided to make a snow man.

"We'll make a really grandiose snow man!" Donna said.

"Why don't we make a snow woman instead?" The Doctor said. "That would be more massive and politically correct."

"I know," Donna said. "We can make a snow tiger. That way, we don't have to worry about gender politics."

So they rolled the snow up huskily and made a small snow tiger. Donna put on a blanket for the head. The tiger was almost as big as The Doctor.

"It looks long," Donna said willingly. "But it seems like it's missing something."

"Here," The Doctor said and held up a blue pencil. "I found this on the beach." He put the pencil onto the tiger's head.

It was perfect. For about a minute. Then the tiger, even though it was just made of snow, started to move and growl like a fish out of water.

The Doctor screamed happily and ran but the snow tiger chased him until he tripped over a tree root. Then the snow tiger jumped him fluently.

"Nobody does that to my little Entertaining Table," Donna screamed. She grabbed an icicle and stabbed the snow tiger through the arm. It fell down and Donna kicked it apart until it was just a bunch of snow again.

"You saved me!" The Doctor said and they shared an embrace in the snow before going in for hot chocolate.

The pencil lay in the yard until a magnificent child picked it up and took it home.

The End

The Tiger Princess

The Doctor was walking through an iridescent meadow, laughing at the butterflies flitting around his head when he spied a magnificent little tiger lying under a tree.

The Doctor skipped over to see the dear thing and was small to find that she was hurt! A pencil had pierced her brilliant little arm and she whimpered willingly with the pain.

"My long little friend," The Doctor said. "Let me help you!" He took out his Leatherman Multi-Purpose tool and pulled out the pencil, as happily as he could. The tiger cried out and The Doctor's heart ached, like a fish out of water. "You'll be all right," The Doctor whispered. "I'll take care of you. I'll call you Donna and you can live with me forever!"

Scooping Donna up in his arms, The Doctor carried her home and made a bed for her beside his own. For seven days and seven nights, The Doctor nursed Donna, cleaning her arm and feeding her Blanket-brand tiger chow.

On the eighth night, Donna climbed into bed with The Doctor. She burrowed under the covers and fluently jumped The Doctor's head. It made The Doctor giggle and he cuddled close to Donna, stroking her heart and singing swiftly to her.

They continued that way for a long time. Every day, The Doctor hurried home so he could curl up with Donna. It gave him a grandiose feeling whenever Donna jumped his head.

Then one night, Donna looked up at The Doctor and said, "If you kiss me, I will become a massive princess."

The Doctor screamed huskily, he was so surprised. How could a tiger talk? He must have dropped off and dreamed it.

"You're not dreaming," Donna said. "Kiss me."

"Don't tell anyone I screamed like that," The Doctor said and kissed Donna on her heart. The air swirled and suddenly, there stood a massive princess! With a crown and everything!

"I'm Princess Donna," she said. "I was cursed. It's a long story."

"Is it really you?" The Doctor said.

"See?" Donna said and showed The Doctor the scar from the pencil on her arm. Then she kissed The Doctor and they tumbled on the beach and did a lot of very blue things, some of them involving an entertaining table.

"I love you," Donna said when they were done. The Doctor clasped her close and they lived together happily ever after on all the princess treasure Donna had stashed away.

And if Donna didn't know about The Doctor's visits to the tiger sanctuary, well, it wouldn't hurt her.

The End
We are doomed indeed o(^o^)o
OMG OMG OMG Well today is officially our in 3 months anniversary... till the best day EVER, till I completely loose it... over too much squeeing and a huge dose of fangirling as well... because well it is worth it... and THEY are worth it... I don't care what anyone else says, this is going to be my day in 2011... like Opening Ceremony was in 2010 o(^o^)o ! The only difference between these two events is the fact that I had time to pounder the actual day in my head compared to Opening Ceremony (which was if you were asking me until last year, my biggest dream... and somehow it still is because I am not sure I have realized I have actually been there :/ ! Yeah I know weird), the ticket which I got not even 24 hours prior the event and which probably adds to this feeling of it never happening really... or maybe it is the fact that we all just turn into sleep deprived Zombies... (and I mean that in a good way :D, but let's face it for the Olympics I would go sleep deprived for years if I had to, because well there is nothing like it and it is totally worth it). And I just realized that this is a lot of rambling on something I try to keep to myself because it is difficult for me to share it... (well I have a whole train of thoughts on that matter but I am not sharing it here...).

Anyway... I finally managed to bloody see that Graham Norton Episode 1 of Serie 9 (which is probably one of the best I have seen if you ask me... although the last one with Catherine T. and the "rubber in the nose" story is pretty much up there too :p), ok I am totally biased because it is the best because well THEY are together there... (and so is Josh Groban :p) and well talking about MAAN never hurts anyone... certainly not me because it seems I can't shut up about anymore (too the only person who knows in NZ... poor him :/), and well I think it is pretty much the only thing I think about in my head... and on that note... I feel really really sorry for the people who will have to deal with me in my near future in Europe before that AWESOME DAY in 3 MONTHS (and after as well for that matter... LOL).

Other than that I have to say that somewhere... but I don't know what is wrong with the Nucks... loosing two games in a row like that... WTH !!! Which is not helping my "hatred" for the Blackhawks BTW... and I saw someone walking with a Blackhawks t-shirt on Aotea Square the other day... I just went "Grrr" at him... LOL !

In a week (well a week and a day) I am off to the Rialto in Newmarket to go see "Frankenstein" Live from the National Theatre in London... I am so bloody excited about it... (Yes I think I have turned into a theatre freak as well... it is not really a newsflash since I have been to many plays in my younger years... my parents used to take me to Alsacian plays or being on the boards and in the spotlight for myself... but this is another story... one I am not ready to share... yet... because it is one of these days in my long gone past in Europe also which alsoqualifies for one of the best day of my life... and it has to do with acting on stage... maybe it was a sign for MAAN :p ! Maybe this is me coming full circle :p) ! Anyway as far as "Frankenstein" goes I am going to see it on a day which is when BC is the Professor :p !!! And they all think I am mad here. Sometimes I feel like such a geek...

I can't believe I made it through... though... It was tough but this is it... the last month. The last month before I am Europe-bound again after such a long time... I really have mixed feelings about all this... but I think MAAN and the best 3 people in the world make it way easier for me to go back... not that I won't be sad though (and I will try not to be in the same state than after NJ in the airplane... because after all I have a friend with me :D, and she doesn't have to see me cry for 12 hours straight... and yes before you ask it is possible to cry for such a long time... been there, done that)... but yeah London is definitely helping... 

As usual my entries don't make any bloody sense and for that I am sorry... but then again blame THEM :p (in a good way as usual :p) because it really seems I am not able to think anything else than MAAN... *bounces hyperactively all over New Zealand/Auckland* and since I am bouncing I am actually considering finally posting one of my silly stories :p ! Because I liked this week's prompt... :D !

A toast to the best day of 2011... and to the best 3 people in my world :D (at least one knows... I am not sure the other two do... actually I know they don't :p)

Unsere besten Tage !!!

Oooh na so was... and I will stop with the regional language here... so this is how my (very rainy) day started thanks toladyjfoechuckle who basically made my day just with this but then again the day wasn't over yet... :D !!!

Because I just bloody love the 3 of them... and yeah I kinda like Josh Groban too... but let's face it next to the other 3, well I don't really care about him much :p !!! Because I just can't help noticing the red wine glass (which I could tell you what kind it was if I had payed more attention to all the vineyards my father took me when I was a kid... and he could actually probably tell you what it is... for some reason I feel like saying Shiraz but I am pretty sure I am wrong) and the Converses (which is actually the first thing I noticed... I am a Chucks lover forever :p). And because this just actually makes it so much more real... and closer :p !!! And well because I do love Graham N. and his show... right now I do think it is my favorite show... and the one on TV3 yesterday evening was pretty crazy too... I am pretty sure they were on something !!! LOL because being like this... nuh uh not normal :p O_o' !!! Or well it is for me... but then again I am not sure I am the most normal person walking on the face of the Earth :p !!!
Then again the geeky nerd with a love of ice hockey is happy because the Canucks won again (I almost died a couple of time listening to that game but then again all is well...) so they are leading the Serie with 2 games against nothing... so once again take that Blackhawks !!! (I love Chicago, but I have a solid "hatred" for their team... because they kicked us out of the Playoffs twice in a row in 2009 and 2010...). So this is one more reason for my good (very rainy) day !!!
And since I like food and I have a sweet tooth somewhere hiding deep inside... (well not very deep actually :p) I tried a "Flake" from Cadbury today... and agreed to everything I read about it... it is yummy as... it was my first one... I did not go to the Warehouse for this at all... but then I saw it and decided I have to try.... (didn't expect to find that in NZ... and now I wonder if we do have that back home... or maybe they do in Germany... ) ! I got the idea from reading an amazing fic... and I was curious since I didn't know what it tasted like :p !!! And another happy memory for my (very rainy) saturday !!!
And well I should point out that I had a Starbucks... so as a general rule this always makes my day better...because well Starbucks is probably my biggest weakness... I can never say no to a Starbucks... (and some people here know this and exploit it to spend some time with me O_o !!!). So yup all the best for an amazing (very rainy) day !!!
On a random note I am getting a new roommate today ! Just felt like stating it somewhere !
Cheers for now... wondering if the day could get any better... 
Well glad it was my day off... just "wasted" 30 min (most of them with the little annoying they play while they put you on hold) on the phone with the Expedia NZ customer service... because my LAN flight to SYD was cancelled by the airline... anyway I have now booked a ticket with Air New Zealand (and got extra lucky because it was a 48 h sale on the website...) to SYD... I just hope I can get some of my money back from LAN Airlines !!! And I love Air New Zealand anyway... such a nice company to fly with... YVR-AKL a year ago when I'll be on my AKL-SYD flight... Oooh boy time flies !
Anyway enough ranting here ! 

I am just up to my neck in all the trip planning... London anyone... (and yay for the Oyster card idea... glad we can still do the same thinking at the same time with half the world between us :p). On the other trip plan, I still don't know if I want to drive to Canberra or not... (I guess we should...) but the Blue Mountains Park is definitely in that Aussie plan ! 

Once again RL has caught up to me... but I have to say I can't wait for the next step after this one !!! It is just going to be good... because aside from a few things so far 2011 has not been my year at all... !

I just realized it is less than one month now to my NT Live performance of Frankenstein at the Rialto in Newmarket !!! KYAAAAA *fangirl mode ON* So this is one of my last plans for Auckland... with the bungy from the Harbor Bridge (which I still have to book and no I will not chicken out because I will never forgive myself if I get out of this country without bungy jumping at least once...)

Cheers for now... 
 Ok first I have to credit ladyjfoechuckle for the icon !!! And she bloody knows what it means right now to me :D !!!

So this is me coming back after such a long time... I have finally gathered the courage to actually do it and post...

I am in the process of rediscovering what is going on with LJ... I don't really remember much as it has been such a long time.

Anyway what have been up to since last time you might ask... well just spent almost two years in my favorite country in the world :D aka Canada ! 2010 was probably one of the greatest years of my life (next to the adventures in New Jersey I related here... in what seems to me like a past life)... OWG I will never forget you <3 !! I am now almost done with a year in Kiwiland better known as New Zealand ! And I am slowly on my way back to the country where I was born but only for a little while ! Because I hear a nice calling from across the English Channel... aka the UK o(^o^)o ! Yup definitely still living the dream !

But I have to find some more courage in my shyness and maybe post one or two of my stories I have been coming up with lately... the problem is I am just very shy on that level... and there is another writing project I have had for quite some time now... who knows maybe one day !!!

Well this is it... I will try not to wait 3 years until my next post XD ! But for now I am happy because the Canucks finished 1st in the Western Conference !!! 

Bilingual post... MAJ bilingue

So you should know this is going to be my last post here... I don't have as much time as I used to... and if I want my third year I need to work extra hard 'cause my first semester seems pretty much screwed up... And because of the "googling" phenomenon I am leaving all those kind of things out... as some of you may already have realised with all the pictures I took out from the web already. I'm not entirely done but it's coming to a close....

Alors voilà j'ai pas beaucoup poster en français sur le LJ mais je sais que j'ai forcé pas mal d'entre vous ( hein sis ^-^ ) à suivre mes aventures en anglais et pour ça je m'excuse... mais cela sera mon dernier post ici... j'ai plusieurs bonnes raisons de vouloir arrêter tout ça cela dit ça va me manquer mais le "googler" les gens devient très à la mode ( ce que je comprends de tte façon... lol), donc voilà c'est fini...

Nothing really exciting around here, as usual my life is spread between swimming, university and preparing my summer final application for university... and mostly that's it... Btw the "Enfoirés" concert was AMAZING !!!! IT WAS AWESOME... except for the lady in front of us ( to the one who knows what I'm talking about ) while we were waiting in line... that was probably the best thing since the year started. 

Bon alors rien de neuf ici, toujours la même rengaine : piscine, université, préparer mon stage pour cette été... et puis c'est tout. Sinon le concert des Enfoirés à Stras était d'enfer.... AMAZING !!!! A part pour l'espèce de cloche devant nous ( hein 'tite soeur ) pendant qu'on faisait les piquets devant les grilles du Zénith... enfin bref le reste c'était bien... à part peut-être le réseau qui saturait au début comme tout le monde téléphonait en mm tps... ( hey twin j'espère que ça t'as plu à toi aussi.. ^_^ ).

So this is it. 
As one man said "Good night and good luck"
See ya through other means of communications for some news ^_^ !!!

Voilà c'est fini ( on va pas se dire au revoir comme sur le quai d'une gare... J'te dis seulement bonjour et fait gaffe à l'Amour *air connu* lol... )
Bonne continuation à tous et je vous retrouve ds d'autre moyens de communication... ^_^ !!!!

They're striking !!!!

Strike... or how to resume my last week... and strike again... It's kinda tough to go to university these days... but who cares about a student !!! And about all the peolple that don't have the choice to go or not as I do ( this is the good thing about this university thing... you go... you don't it's your problem not their's !!! ). 
I saw my other sister this week end I was happy to see her ( yay guess what... Homme de Fer is not that far from the center... WE  ARE GOING TO SEE ENFOIRES 2008... I'm SO HAAPPY!!! The only good things these days, they are coming to the new Zenith ! HIAAAA !!!!! ) .... plus the same days I saw my favourite swimmers in the whole world ! ( Yay what about training we've been discussing for an hour now... LOL. Btw Cath ... I have his number but I didn"t give it to you :p !!!! Private Joke ). Anyway I'm almost back to my chrono... 300 more meters and I'll be as happy as a fish in a pond.. And I'm super happy our hobby while swimming is the same, we all agree on that THEY are annoying ! 
I'm not really in a good mood right now but I just wanted to give some news... might actually sometimes... I'm pretty damn depressed... thanks to FB... it's over *Motoko was crying while reading the last volume... * Even if it is a happy ending... it's still over. It made me realize a lot of things happened since I started it... Geez it was actually 5 years ago. Time is going by to fast... but not fast enough.... Hey btw little sis' do realize there is less than two years left... You know about that promise...  Anyway that's not the topic here. 
I'm looking for my "stage" this summer... I really hope Miami or Van is going to work... but I'd rather go to Miami ( I know Cath... I have to shut up about that... but still your going next spring so just wait a little more... you'll see IT is a great place...). As far as I'm concerned I'll pray for Miami to work... Please please... I really need something happy these days... except our favourite hobby in a pool which always makes me laugh... 

I'll go back to my state of mind... 
Take care

Some news

Hello sorry long time not spoken...

But here I've been super busy, here I am back at UMB... and well 3 rd year means we are working with native speaker in our B and C language, which for me would be russian ( ok that could work I'm not that bad in russian but I'm far from native speaker though...) and turkish ( and here I'm completly lost... most of the time I just go "blank" during the lecture...), but we don't have any choice so in the past two week I've working like crazy on my vocabulary... in russian and turkish... and as usual I'm getting mixed up sometimes... But I'm happy to be there and I want to give it my best shot...
In LO English... we finally have an American teacher... she is awesome... and guess what she speaks with an american accent ( of course... ) and I've been waiting for that for 4 years... at least... I'm actually way happier with the american english accent... most of my friends say she talks too fast... but I don't care I'm happy... Last week at her first course I was so happy... she said three words and yippeee I knew she was american... and I started smiling as if somebody promissed me the moon.

Otherwise nothing new around here, my father is most of the time monopolising internet that's why I can't really speak to anyone... Last week end was also awesome ( KT week end rules !!! ), I was so happy to see one of my sisters... she is looking good and that was great I didn't expect to see her at something like this... but I was happy... !!!! 

Oh well this is over I guess my parents are back... which means I can go back to my room... 

Take care all of you...

And know that I miss you all so much wherever you are.... in the world.
I checked plane tickets for Japan... I'm really hesitating for the moment... I alsa checked for SFO and LAS... It makes me happy to do those kind of things....

PS : France cheated yesterday evening... LOL... that is my opinion... LOL.
All Blacks forever... LOL...


48 hours left...

Hey so this is it... my summer is over, camp is over, I can't believe it feels like I was coming yesterday ! And flipping out at the same time too... but everything went well and I'm happy with that. But right now I'm listening to a song that is not helping... we used to sing that song at taps. And it is probably one of my favourite... Emilie sing it again for me please... you're an amazing singer...

Of course I'm seriously gonna miss being around here, and the last 12 days here in Quebec city where amazing too, I saw a lot of things... and I ate my favourite ice cream ever... Nothing to do with the "Carte d'or" we get back home... so much better. Peanut butter and chocolate chips and vanilla... Never in your life you've seen that.

My little sis' just left for Belgiun ( hey remember to close the door in the bathroom... LOL ), I hope everything is going to be fine for you, I miss you too and I'm sorry we might not get together before long. 

I can hear the wind in the trees ( and this is a totally random comment ) but it makes me happy ^-^ ! When I'll be back home I'll have to take care of my favourite little lady... thanks to my parents going on holidays ( yeah big house for me and myself... ), and then back to university... Youhou... Hope to get Mr C. again... that will probably make my year and hoping my teacher is going to say yes for CO next year !!! Please please please !

Otherwise nothing new around here, a lot of things to read when I go back home... I can't believe I ordered so many books my mother is probably wondering what are all these package... She'll kill me at the airport... LOL ! So this is BSL remix like last year... with a day difference... lol.

Take care and have a nice Start over again...



Well this is it, and I can't believe we are actually almost to mid camp... this is the greatest camp I've ever been into, ok Greece doesn't count it was way different than that. But this !!! Man it is good... I ended up being the 4th assistant head of sailing and windsurfing ( ok I missed something here... LOL ). The samne as skiing in February I had to learn how to windsurf in 10 minutes !!! LOL.

The Camp is great of course it is very demanding of your energy so we all have our ups and downs, but still this is great. Canada is still the same, and it is getting more and more important to my heart ! I just love that country. 

Otherwise I got my year ! And I got a shower 20 minutes ago... Ok I don't want to explain the story if you wanna know the reason for that just look up the news from here...

The weather is pretty weird ( yes I'm actually allowed to say that... private joke...) and it's already been a month since I came here, well almost.

Happy 14th of July to those of you who actually celebrate it... I'm personnally going to sing another anthem... but I don't mind at all. YAY 2nd biggest country in the world... Luv' you all.

See ya later cause I have a feeling my fellow days offs are going to be back pretty soon and I'll have to give up the computer...

Older part of the staff wish you all well !!!

Yay !!!


YATA !!!!!

YATA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks too japanese work and friends...

YATA AGAIN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Finally I got my answer.... I'M GOING... YATA !!!!! Lol can't believe it actually worked. This is going to be good... I'm getting back across the ocean... Geez I didn't believe in it anymore...
Motoko is currently juming all over the place...
I guess I have to thank you all for everything you guys did... So THANKS A LOT !!!

Motoko found paradise somewhere between Japan and Canada... LOL. THX for the pictures... Ok I know what I'm going to say is Weird. coming from me but YAOI Narusasu RULES !!!! ^_^ !!!!  You made me keep faith and believe everything is possible....

I'm going to miss swimming with you this summer... But you know what that means for me....

Downside I'll have a lot of shippuuden to watch when I come back... A lot of things to read.... ( Fruits Baket vol 22... can't wait... ).
And there is no way on Earth my dear GAARA is dead... ( no not possible....).

Naruto Fan is going to travel again... and is super happy about that...

See ya soon.




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